The German band NO MORE was founded in 1979 - a time that in music stood for change and innovation.
Punk and New Wave swept away the 70s, and NO MORE was part of it from the very beginning.
The band split up in 1986 when the 80s were getting too 80s.
At the end of 2008 NO MORE (condensed in the duo Tina Sanudakura and Andy Schwarz) got back on stage.
They play concerts all over Europe, release three new albums and don't rest on their laurels.

NO MORE have long since outgrown their classic hit "Suicide Commando", which spread, since itís release in 1981, internationally like a virus regardless of genre and scene.
The song is therefore still today an essential item of many DJ-sets from Dark Wave to Electroclash, from EBM to Post Punk, from Elektronica to Indie.

The duo presents its combination of Post-Punk, Pop and Electronica all over Europe, their existentialist track "All Is Well - Senza Macchia" was featured in a German crime series and "Turnaround", an instant-classic that fills the dance floors.

NO MORE combine unusual electronic instruments, such as the theremin and "the Green Circle" with digital & analogue sounds to an impressive Indie-Post-Punk-Pop-Electronica-WhatEver performance - both musically and visually.

And there is more to come!

  Line-Up 1979 - 1980
Andy Schwarz: vox, guitar
Tina Sanudakura: keyboards
Thomas Welz: bass, vox
Christian Darc: drums, vox

Kiel-northern Germany- Summer of 1979.
Frustrated and bored by their schoolband's music, Andy Schwarz, Tina Sanudakura and Christian Darc set up NO MORE.
They recruit Thomas Welz on bass - a schoolmate who has never played an instrument before.
They put an ad in the local newspaper, looking for a female singer. The only persons who respond are two male punks. But through them they enter the local post-punk/wave-scene.
And Andy becomes a singer.

Within weeks, Andy plays bass on the first - and only- record of Kiel's proto-punkband NO HORIZON, and NO MORE perform their first gig on a partly public in-scene party in the countryside near Kiel, at one of the famous hogbarn parties.

At the beginning of 1980, NO MORE are an important part of the Kiel scene, creating a shortlived- fanzine, contributing to the Kiel tape compilation KEIN KIEL, recording and distributing their own tape releases (NO PROMISES and FRENCH KISSES) and playing their first gig in front of a bigger audience at a festival for newcomers in Kiel.
NO MORE record their first EP TOO LATE in a small laundry-room with a 4-track TEAC.
The german SOUNDS-magazine describes it as "strangely archaic music, brute sound that seems to be recorded with a purposely damaged 4-track".
Andy and Tina play on the "Inzucht und Ordnung" single and Andy plays a few gigs with this shortlived band.

Thomas Welz leaves the band.
The remaining three band members decide to continue as a trio.

  Line-Up 1981 - 1983
Andy Schwarz: vox, guitar
Tina Sanudakura: keyboards
Christian Darc: drums, vox

The first half of this phase is defined by musical minimalism and experiments with sequencers, drumsynths and beatboxes including a brief sideproject called BLOOD AND FLOWERS.
One of the results of this mixture of electronics, post-punk and no wave is the recording of SUICIDE COMMANDO, released at the end of 1981 (b-side IN A WHITE ROOM).
But due to a lack of distribution, no-one outside their hometown really cared, although the NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS described SUICIDE COMMANDO -still none too ephorically- as "suitable german electro fashion."

In 1982, NO MORE begin the recordings for the 10" mini-lp A ROSE IS A ROSE, a mini-lp that is later reviewed by the NME as "a trio of young Germans who appear to have fallen out of LOU REED's BERLIN album".
The ingenious sleeve is designed by Stefan Brose, who also created the artwork for the SUICIDE COMMANDO single and who would later design the covers for LAUGHTER IN THE WINGS, HYSTERIA and the 12" SUICIDE COMMANDO.
The song HYPNOTIZED is later included in a compilation by the british label GLASS RECORDS.
DRUMS OF ALGIR is the song on "A ROSE IS A ROSE" that marks the beginning of a new musical direction because it expresses for the first time those oriental elements that will become a trademark of the "late" NO MORE.

  Line-Up 1983 - 1984
Andy Schwarz: vox, guitar
Tina Sanudakura: keyboards
Christian Darc: drums, vox
Yvonne Pfeifer: bass

At the end of 1983, SUICIDE COMMANDO starts its success out of the blue, while in the meantime NO MORE had decided to change direction.

Enter Yvonne Pfeifer on bass.

The first of many 12" releases of SUICIDE COMMANDO (on various labels and in various colours) sees the light of day - but the band does not like the song anymore because it does not fit into the new concept.

In spring 1984, Yvonne leaves the band.

  Line-Up 1984 - 1986
Andy Schwarz: vox, guitar
Tina Sanudakura: keyboards
Christian Darc: drums, vox
Thorsten Hartung: bass

Enter Thorsten Hartung on bass.

Within a short time, NO MORE start to record the mini-lp LAUGHTER IN THE WINGS that is going to be released the same year.
In the slipstream of the SUICIDE COMMANDO success, they start to tour Germany but soon refuse to play the song.

In 1985, NO MORE record the 12" ep DO YOU DREAM OF ANGELS IN THIS BIG CITY?, play gigs in Belgium and the Netherlands, support THE SISTERS OF MERCY and X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND.

In 1986, the 12" DIFFERENT LONGINGS is released, containing a version of SUICIDE COMMANDO with some overdubs.
NO MORE start work on their first "real" album HYSTERIA in Aachen.

Andy Schwarz and Tina Sanudakura decide to leave Kiel. And this is the end of the band for the next 20 years.
NO MORE play their last concert in a club in Oberhausen - including SUICIDE COMMANDO.

In 1987, their album HYSTERIA is released.

  Line-Up 2006 - now
Andy Schwarz: vox, guitar, bass, electronica
Tina Sanudakura: keyboards, electronica, treatments

As Andy Schwarz and Tina Sanudakura begin with the compilation of songs and videos REMAKE/REMODEL, they realize that the "early" part of NO MORE has not been "finalized" yet.
It is well documented on the vinyl-compilation DREAMS (released 2005) but something is missing.
So they begin to overdub the old songs, cut them apart and mash them up with new bits and pieces.
They even write new songs, and that is so much fun that they decide to start with NO MORE - condensed in a duo - all over again.